Apps for Brain Injury Rehab

Recovery from brain injury can take time. With the advances in modern technology there a number of apps for your smartphone that can assist with this process.


 Individuals with brain injury may find it hard to communicate in early stages of recovery so it may help to use a simple “yes no” format. Apps such as Answers: YesNo for iOS and Quick Talk AAC for Android can help with a forced choice format. There are further communication aids that involve emotions such as Bla|Bla|Bla for iOS, which shows fun faces reacting to sound.

Cognitive Rehab

There’s an app to match nearly any cognitive rehab goal:

 iMazing andMatrix Game for visual problem solving

 Awesome Memory for short-term memory,

Skill Game for executive functioning.

Compensatory tools

The calendar reminder on any mobile phone is a useful function to assit with prompting. A number of apps build on this format by including photos and voices to associate to a particular task. See  Visual Schedule Planner ,  EZBuzz  and Voice Reminder for further info. Sticky Notes for iOS and the Desk Notes widget for Android are also great for making virtual notes.


Virtual check in apps such as GPS-based  Community Sidekick  and Family GPS Tracker  can help a significant other know where a person is in terms of following a daily routine.

Obviously all of the aforementioned apps are not a substitute for a targeted rehab programme but can be helpful.

Dr. Fraser Morrison, Clinical Director, Alba Psychology