Dr Fraser Morrison

Dr. Fraser Morrison is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, specialist in Clinical Neuropsychology and a Full Member of the British Psychological Society Division of Neuropsychology.

Fraser Morrison

Dr Morrison specialises in the neuropsychological assessment of the cognitive, emotional and behavioural consequences of Acquired Brain Injury in adults following road-traffic accidents, assaults, anoxia, exposure to toxic substances and progressive neurological conditions. He has experience in the assessment of disorders of mood, neurotoxicology, epilepsy, drug and alcohol misuse, tumours, HIV, PTSD and dementia in the areas of Occupational Health and Private Health.

Dr. Morrison is employed by the NHS within a range of settings including Adult Mental Health, Addictions and Brain Injury. He has also been employed as a Consultant Psychologist within Castlecraig Rehabilitation Hospital. Dr. Morrison has also commented on Scottish Government policies and NHS standards.

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Dr. Morrison’s full profile of expertise can be downloaded here.

Contact email: fraser@albapsychology.co.uk